Take The Relationship Offline

Jaki Sabourin asks Jasbina Ahluwalia: I have a question about the strategy.

You’ve created your profile. You have your pictures. You’re being authentic in how you’re talking about yourself.

What’s the process from that point? Do you banter back and forth in email? Do you call? Do you meet them for coffee? Do you recommend a strategy?



Jasbina Ahluwalia

We have a whole team that runs our client searches for them.

Take The Relationship Offline: Be Empowered

If you’re doing it on your own, women, don’t sit back and think, “I’m just going to wait for the guys to contact me.” We want to be one of the empowered women.

To be an empowered woman is to take action. I suggest that women reach out to men.

How do you do that? You can send a quick email. It should be a brief, upbeat email.

I don’t suggest winking, like on Match.com.


Take The Relationship Offline: Initiate Conversation

If a guy is worth you reaching out to, he’s worth an original email. That’s my opinion. Why bother with a wink?

Be on your A game. Send a brief email with two or three lines.


Take The Relationship Offline: Impactful Email

Read his profile. Indicate in the email that you read his profile by mentioning something in it.


Take The Relationship Offline: Pose a Question

Always ask a question.

What does a question do? It engages the other person. It makes it easy for them to respond.

You want to make it easy for a guy to respond to you. If you ask a question, it’s the easiest way to engage someone.

Don’t go back and forth ad nauseam.


Take The Relationship Offline

The idea of online dating is to get to offline sooner rather than later.

I don’t encourage back and forth emails. We’re not looking for pen pals here.

After an email or two, elevate to the phone or meet in a public place. Don’t delay things.


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