Reconnect With Your Teens

Jasbina Ahluwalia

Thanks so much for the question. Feel free to give your name if you would like to. Dr. Beeharilal mentioned community. Let’s take our next caller. Hi, caller. You’re on the air. Go ahead and ask your question.


Reconnect With Your Teens: De-Stress

Caller Two asks Dr. Jason Beeharilal, Founder of Premier Wellness Associates, LLC: Hi, Dr. Jason. I need some single parent tips to help me de-stress. I have two teenagers so I need some help.



Dr. Jason Beeharilal

Oh boy. I’m a single parent myself. It is a very unique, emerging and growing population. You’re right. We all do need help.


Reconnect With Your Teens: Community

Part of that is the community.

Part of that is having fellow single parents that you can rely on.

A lot of parents, single or not, are saying, “I don’t have time to exercise. I don’t have time to do extra stuff.” Our kids, especially the teenagers, are striving to be active, learning and constantly doing new things.


Reconnect With Your Teens: Be Active

Don’t be afraid to explore taking classes with your teenagers, like martial arts. You can do things to reconnect that community.

In the teenage years, psychologically, they’re trying to break away. They’re trying to become more independent. They’re in pre-adulthood so they want to establish themselves.


Reconnect With Your Teens for Yourself

It’s a matter of reconnecting with yourself and with them. It’s redefining being a parent altogether.

Doing as many active things as you can possibly do and letting them see you do it and join in, is the key.


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