Business Launch: Ready Yet?

Jasbina Ahluwalia

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Caller Three asks Aakash Patel, Founder and President of Elevate, Inc.: Hi, Aakash. Thanks for your perspective. This is Ravi from Minneapolis. A lot of our first-generation Indian American parents came here as entrepreneurs and business men.

Our second-generation bought into this corporate rat race mentality. A lot of us are successful, but a lot of us might not fit that exactly.

For many of us, how much do we need to know? What’s that comfort zone before we make that jump into the entrepreneurial world?



Aakash Patel

Business Launch: Study Twice as Much

I really think you need to know double what you should know. You can use the analogy of when you’re knocking on doors for campaigns.

Let’s say that you’re tired at the end of the day. Just when you think you’re tired, you have to knock on five more doors.

I use that analogy because, when you think you have everything perfect, you’re ready to launch, you have a domain, you have your web guy ready and you have your copy ready, you have to double your time and effort.

Business Launch: Avoid Mistakes

That one little mistake in the beginning will cost your clients and friends heartache. I tell people to do two different launch dates.

My launch was going to be November 2011, right after my first interview with a prospect. I wasn’t ready. I delayed two extra months to double and triple check every one of my facts. I didn’t launch publicly until February 2012.

Business Launch: Waiting is Okay

Honestly, it was the best thing that I did. I waited, even though, every day you wake up and think, “I’m ready now. I have my business cards. I have my first client. I have my contract. I have my bank account.”

My mom and dad are both first-generation Indian Americans. They’re both pharmacists in this country. They both told me, “We learned from our mistakes.”

I didn’t want to have any mistakes. Our generation is hard to recover because of the nature of how we grew up.

That is my advice to you. When you think you’re ready, take an extra month or week. Triple and double check your work.


Caller Three

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