Lust or Love: How to Tell

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Catherine Cardinal, author of, Men to Run From: So You Can Find the Right One to Run to: Give him the time to show you that he is able to be consistent over time. He needs to be comfortable with you expressing your feelings towards him as well.


Dr. Catherine Cardinal

Yes. I’d like to offer a million-dollar piece of advice that I give to my clients. Women, I want you to hear this. Take out a pen and write it down.

Most women have been burned by this.


Lust or Love: Men Do Not Fall in Love Quickly

Men do not fall in love quickly. They fall in like and they fall in lust very quickly.

Then, once they like you, they’re physically attracted to you, they like your personality, they lust for you, they think you’re sexy, they want to have sex with you, over time, like and lust turns into love.

When you have a guy tells you that he loves you by the third date, no. Don’t fall for that. He likes you and he thinks you’re hot. That’s what you know so far.


Lust or Love: Love Develops Over Time

Only time will reveal if he’s going to fall in love with you.


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