First Date Flubs: Forgive The Quirks

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Lori Gottlieb – Author of the book Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough: What were some of the 300 things, in terms of character traits, that women were picky about?


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Lori Gottlieb

They were so nit-picky.

First Date Flubs: Celeb Impressions

There were things like, “I thought he was really cute, smart and funny. We were having a good time. But then he did this Austin Powers impression on the date. I just couldn’t get over that. I was so turned off by that.”

What she might do is go back home, go out on more dates and go back to online dating to find the guy who is not going to do an Austin Powers impression.

Then that guy will do something on a date that she might not like.

By the way, if she goes on a second date with Austin Powers guy and he does Austin Powers impressions the whole time then okay. That’s annoying. I agree. Forget it.

Forgive First Date Flubs, He’s Nervous

The point is that maybe he was nervous. What a lot of women forget is that, if a guy is really interested in you on that first date:

  • He might be a little bit nervous.
  • He might be trying to impress you.
  • He might do something a little dorky.

That just means that he is really into this.


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See if he relaxes a little bit on the second date when he realizes, “She accepted the date. She must be interested enough to go on a second date with me.” Maybe he’ll relax and be himself a little bit more.

First Date Flubs Are A Good Sign

The guys who are really smooth daters, many times, you are just a number. You could be one of anyone.

Think about that before you dismiss a guy completely if the other things were there and you were having a pretty good time otherwise.


Tell Us:

Did you date make any first date flubs, which were unforgivable and you never indulged in a second date? Share your experiences with first date flubs in the comments below.


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