Everything is a Relationship

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Heather Hans, author of The Heart of Self-Love: I understand you believe that everything in life boils down to relationships. Tell us what you mean by that.



Heather Hans

Everything is a Relationship: Examples

Every single thing in this universe is in relationship with something else in order to function.

  • You can look at the earth orbiting around the sun.
  • You can look at the human body and all of the intricacies. The heart needs to beat. The lungs need to take in air. All of our organs are depending on one another.

It’s the same in life with our human relationships.


Everything is a Relationship: Self-Love

Our relationship with ourselves, others, and something larger than us are what everything is about.

You can take any profession, even if it’s not relationship oriented, and see how it depends on some kind of relationship with something else.

Learning how to be in relationship in a healthy way is what helps us thrive.

Our primary relationship is with ourselves. If that’s not functioning, nothing else will. That’s the primary relationship that needs to be in good working order. Then we can expand from there.


Tell Us:

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