Entrepreneurial Dating: Date, Learn, Repeat

Jasbina asks Neely Steinberg – Author of the book ‘Skin in the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love’: There is a concept throughout your book about thinking like an entrepreneur. Will you explain that concept to our listeners?


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Neely Steinberg

I think, in most aspects of our life, that we create our life through a lot of trial and error.

Dating is about trial and error, just as entrepreneurship is about trial and error.

You’ve created your business through taking action, seeing what worked and what didn’t and then going in certain directions based on your results. The same is true for dating.


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When I say “acting your way into thinking” it’s a way of taking action in your dating life as opposed to thinking your way into action.

Typically, a person might think:

  • Should I do this? I don’t know.
  • Is it going to get me the results that I want?
  • I’ve heard bad things about online dating
  • There are articles out there about how online dating is bad for your love life.

You can hem, haw, play the pros and cons and analyze or you can just take action.

What do you learn from having taken that action? It’s a mind shift.

In your dating and love life, start taking action. Then, what did you learn from taking that action? What can you apply to the next action that you take?

Entrepreneurial Dating: Date, Learn, Repeat

What I talk about in the book is my “date, learn, repeat” model of entrepreneurial dating.

It doesn’t mean you can’t ever use prediction in your love life. A lot of times, your dating life can be about taking action out there, then pausing and reflecting. What did you learn?

Then act again in smarter, more empowered ways in your dating life. Date, learn, repeat.

In each chapter, there is a lot more to it. They are simple concepts.


What Do You Think?

Has there been a time in your dating life when you could have adopted the entrepreneurial dating model “date, learn, repeat”? Will you begin to take an entrepreneurial dating approach in your quest to find the one? Share with us!


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