Drama Queen Behavior

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Rebecca Grado, co-author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How to Be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!): It’s simple but really impactful.

The fourth common alpha behavior is the “disruptive alpha.” In the context of romantic relationships, how do you see the disruptive alpha playing out?


Rebecca Grado

Disruptive Alpha: Drama Queen

When you think of the disruptive alpha, think of the drama queen.  Let’s face it, we all have a little bit of a drama queen in us.

In relationships, I think that so many of us make it all about ourselves. I find myself doing this.

I come to my partner and say, “I can’t believe this went on.” I talk all about the drama in my life. I almost see my partner’s eyes glaze over.


Drama Queen: Selfish

I don’t think guys really appreciate too much drama in their lives. They’re really good at eliminating drama.

With so many women in my counseling practice, all they’re invested in is who is doing what to them, when, where and how this happened. They’re so caught up in it that they’re not investing their time and energy in their partner and in the relationship.

An hour goes by. As an afterthought, they say, “By the way, how are you doing?”


Jasbina Ahluwalia

Drama Queen: Losing His Interest

You’ve lost him by then.


Rebecca Grado

Yes. He’s thinking, “I just want to watch the game at this point.”

When we do carve out time to be with our partners, I think it’s really important for us to save the drama for another time.


Drama Queen: The Balance

Maybe we save that for our girlfriends. We need to spend quality time with our partner and monitor what happens when we create drama.

When we talk about drama, they don’t appreciate it. They really don’t enjoy it.

Again, it pushes them away rather than pulling them towards us. They’re bored by all of the insignificant drama that we bring into our relationship.

It’s something that I’ve been working on in my life. I’m really bored with it, too. I have to be honest with you. When I have girlfriends who bring it to me, I think, “I’m done. I’m out.”


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