Do I Need a Business Partner?

Jasbina Ahluwalia

We’re going to go to the next question. Welcome, caller.


Caller Two asks Dhru Beeharilal:  Hi. Thank you, Jasbina. Dhru, thank you very much for taking the time.

The conversation was very insightful.

You mentioned the importance of choosing the right partner when you plan to start your business. How do you know whether you need partners?



Dhru Beeharilal

That’s a good question.


Do I Need a Business Partner: Research

When you’re getting into any kind of business, you want to start off doing research on what kind of business it is.

As you do the research,

  • You will see gaps in your knowledge.
  • You will see competitors and what they’re doing.


Do I Need a Business Partner: Ask Yourself

You can ask yourself questions like, “How are they doing this? What are they doing for that?”

You realize, “I don’t know the answer to that question.” You can’t easily Google it.

You start reaching out to people in general.


Do I Need a Business Partner: Talk To People

My advice is to always start off asking people questions.

Don’t necessarily engage people as partners as a first question. Just start asking questions.

Any person who is an entrepreneur will not have a problem answering questions about how they got started and their first steps.

Those are very basic things that anyone will answer.

As you ask those questions of people in your life in general, more questions will come up.


Do I Need a Business Partner: Fill The Void

If you find yourself having more questions come up and you think, “I don’t want to ask this person 1,000 questions. It’s not the SAT,” then you can say, “Maybe I do need to bring someone else in on this and figure out what I need to go.”


Do I Need a Business Partner or Advisors?

Bringing people into your business doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bring them in as partners. They can just be advisors as well.

The important thing is, when you bring in people who are advisors, you have to bring in people who you trust and who know what they’re talking about.

You have to actually listen to them. That’s the tricky part. If you don’t listen to them then there is no point in them being there.


Do I Need a Business Partner: Trust

Caller Two

Right, of course. That’s a very fair point.

It sounds like there is a strong balance that needs to be struck between trust and experience when you are choosing these partners.


Dhru Beeharilal

Of course.


Caller Two

Thank you so much.


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