Dating Wisely: 5 Tips

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Lisa Bobby, a Board Certified Life Coach: Thank you. I appreciate you sharing all of your insights with us. I’m wondering if there is any last thought or take-home message you’d like to leave our listeners with.



Dr. Lisa Bobby

Dating Wisely: Slowly and Open Minded

If you’re dating:

  • Go slow and be thoughtful about it.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Make sure that your values are aligned.


Dating Wisely: Same Values

It’s a lot easier to make changes earlier in a relationship than it is when you’re 10 years, a couple kids and a mortgage into a marriage. That is not the time to find out that you’re not fundamentally compatible.

Be wise as you’re going about dating.


Dating Wisely: Pre-Marital Classes

If you are bumping up against marriage, please get into a good pre-marital class or some good pre-marital counseling so that you have the opportunity to make those commitments together.

Get in alignment around how your marriage is going to be before you get married. It will save you so much time, energy and heartache trying to hash it out with each other.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Take a class. Get into pre-marital counseling.


Dating Wisely: Notice Behavioral Cycles

Lastly, be very aware of that pursue/withdraw cycle.

Notice if your partner is pulling away. What does that make you feel like doing?

Then think about what you could do instead in order to help your partner feel safe with you again.

Likewise, if you’re starting to feel attacked or badgered by your partner, take a look at how they might be hurting and respond to that instead of the anger.

If you see a pattern happening in your relationship and you’re not able to repair it easily using listening skills or safety skills, it’s much better to get into marriage counseling sooner rather than later.


Dating Wisely: Prepare Early

The longer these things go on, the more toxic they tend to become. They can really damage a relationship over time.

A lot of couples make the mistake of waiting too long or waiting until things are really bad to get into marriage counseling.

It will be much easier to repair your relationship if you go while you still feel good about each other than if you wait several years later when you’re both so angry and hurt.

At some point, the best marriage counselor in the world can’t put it back together again. Those are my final words of advice.


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