What Is Good Sugar?

Caller Three asks Dr. Jason Beeharilal, Founder of Premier Wellness Associates, LLC: Okay. I have another question. There are a lot of these substitute sweeteners on the market, like Stevia. I’ve just started using coconut palm sugar.

I wanted to know if you have any thoughts on that. Is it a good substitute for sugar?



Dr. Jason Beeharilal

What Is Good Sugar: Sucralose

There are a lot of different substitutes. A lot of the substitutes that you’re seeing now that are non-sugar substitutes, like sucralose or some of the Stevia formulations, be careful with them.

If you don’t read your labels, a lot of them do still have sucralose in them. They tend to kill normal flora.


What Is Good Sugar: Flora Levels

I’m not talking about the coconut palm oil. I’m talking about the artificial ones.

They tend to kill your normal flora. They will upset your GI in ways that you may not notice right away.

They’ve done some studies on the normal flora of your GI tract and how it plays a role in everything from your immunity to your overall homeostasis and well-being.

I’d be careful with the artificial sweeteners.


What Is Good Sugar: Artificial Effects

The other thing about them is that they tend to cause the same amount of insulin secretion as normal sugar does.

Now it has nothing to act on. Your insulin level increases. Your body becomes more insulin-resistant than it would have been otherwise.

You start gaining more weight, despite the fact that you’re using artificial sweeteners.


What Is Good Sugar: Natural Options

With the individual sugar substitutes, I tend to go with the more natural ones.

If there is something that is coconut derived, that’s fine. Agave nectar is fine.

Anything in moderation that’s natural in terms of having sugar is fine. I’m probably the only doctor who will advocate having sugar, but as less processed as possible and in as small an amount as possible.


What Is Good Sugar: Moderation

If you do have some sugar, I advise having either amino acids or protein with it.

There are some studies that are showing the chromium and cinnamon can also benefit in terms of lessening the effect that sugar has on insulin secretion and the insulin resistance that results from that.


Caller Three

That’s interesting. Thank you. That’s good information.


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