Success of Arranged Marriages

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Helen Fisher: Helen, our listeners consist of men and women of a variety of ages and ethnic backgrounds. Our matchmaking and dating coaching services focus on South Asians mainly in North America who are choosing not to go the route of traditional arranged marriages.

Based on your experience and research, do you have any insights regarding arranged marriages?



Dr. Helen Fisher

Success of Arranged Marriages: Marriage: East and West

There was a wonderful book on this called Marriage: East and West. It was written in the 1960s but it was really good.

Among the data is that, 10 years after the wedding has taken place, arranged marriages tend to be just as happy as marriages in which you choose for yourself. I’m not surprised.


Success of Arranged Marriages: Parents’ Effort

In an arranged marriage, your parents have been very careful to pick someone of the same socioeconomic background and level of intelligence.

You have two large families to hold things together.

A lot of arranged marriages can be extremely happy.


Success of Arranged Marriages: Love Enters

Indians have a word they use during the marriage ceremony. It is they call the moment where romantic love enters.

  • These people expect to fall in love with their partner.
  • They expect their parents to do a good job of serving up possibilities.


They meet this person several times before they go through the marriage ceremony.


Success of Arranged Marriages: History

There is every reason to think that a lot of these marriages are very successful.

The Chinese have long had a marriage pattern that has not been as successful.

The bottom line is, arranged marriages have been very successful in many ways.


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