Stress Causes Poor Health

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Heather Hans, author of The Heart of Self-Love: You talked about being in a loving emotional state. Often, a lot of physical health problems stem from a person’s emotional state.

Can you tell us about that? What are some examples where you see the physical manifestation of not being well due to an emotional state?



Heather Hans

Stress Causes Poor Health: Physical Problem

stressed emotional state can cause virtually every type of physical health problem possible.

The mind-body link has been researched and documented for decades. A lot of our physical problems stem from our emotions.


Stress Causes Poor Health, But Stress is Not Bad

We don’t need to be perfect all the time. Of course, we’re not meant to be in a state of bliss and happiness all the time.

We’re going to get stressed. We’re going to feel sad. Those are all normal human emotions.

If we can tend to those destructive emotions as they arise, it will keep us healthy and moving forward.


Stress Causes Poor Health as a Release

There are times when we get sick and have a physical health problem and it’s something that’s working through our body and releasing.

I don’t think it’s always bad to have some health problems come up. Sometimes they’re big wake-up calls, too.

I’ve personally healed everything from thyroid disease to migraines to chronic back pain and more through healing emotional states of mind.

I’ve seen many others cause physical problems to themselves and also heal physical problems by tending to their emotions. Again, it goes back to that confidence versus cynicism, worry and pessimism. That’s what I’ve seen.


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