Positive Attitude for Dating

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Marla Martenson, author of entitled Hearts on the Line: The Elusive Pursuit of Love in the City of Angels: We hear the belief that attitude and mindset are crucial. It can be your best asset or it can bring you down in dating.

Which attitudes or mindsets do you find serve men and women the best while they’re out there dating?



Marla Martenson

Positive Attitude for Dating: Real-Life Story

I worked with a guy once years ago who had gone on over 100 dates between matchmakers and online. He did this in a row.

He kept dating. He’d only had about two second dates out of that. He was so negative that, when he would get on the date, he would sabotage it. He had no personality.

He was negative. I said, “What are you doing? Why are you doing this?”

He said, “Well, it’s not going to work out anyway, so why should I put any effort into it?”

I said, “You need to take a break from dating.” He was duty dating.

Embrace a Positive Attitude for Dating

Stay fresh and positive. Have fun. When I was single and out there, sometimes I would get frustrated and say, “God, I don’t want to date anymore.”

Then I would say, “Okay, I’ll try it one more time.” I did want to find someone.

You might have that negative attitude. You’re burned out and frustrated. You have that feeling of, “All the good guys are taken.” It can happen.

How to Obtain a Positive Attitude for Dating

We can get that mindset. We do have to stay positive. I think the best way is to be happy with our lives.

  • Get out there and join a new Meetup group.
  • Try a new hobby.
  • Do something exciting.
  • Get yourself back in shape.
  • Read some really great books.

Do some things that make you sparkle and love your life. Then, when you go out there, you will be sharing your wonderful personality and attitude.

You will be like a magnet for people who want to be around you.


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