Food Journal: It’s Important!

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Jackie Warner, author of This is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): I know in your book that you have a great deal of information about that as well regarding sugar addiction. You lay out the foods, which is very helpful.

It is very concrete in terms of foods that would be five grams or less of sugar. You list the foods for the jumpstart. That’s very helpful.

In our wellness coaching, we ask our clients to maintain a daily food and activity log. I noticed that your book, likewise, guides readers to keep a food journal.

Given your extensive experience, share with our listeners your reasoning behind this.



Jackie Warner

Food Journal: Create Habits

I ask people to keep a food journal initially. You do not always have to do this. This is in the initial stages.

It’s very important to keep a workout journal as well.

Food Journal: Accountability

First, there is accountability. It’s like having a personal trainer or nutritionist there to guide you. You have accountability. You see and track what you’re doing.

Not only that, but when you’re doing homework associated with weight loss and fitness, studies show that you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Food Journal: Achieve Goals

It’s important to see what you’re eating and outline that. Make little smiley faces next to the good days. Make frowns next to the bad ones.

Food Journal and Workout Journal

I still keep a workout journal. I take a little notebook in.

I’ve been training hardcore in the gym since I was 21. After all of these years, I still keep a workout journal and write out what exercises I do, the combinations, how many sets and reps.

When I feel very sore over the next two days, I can say, “This was a great routine. I will have to do this for a month. I will have to do this routine and increase my weight. In a month, I’ll change it.”

Food Journal for Success

It takes a month to plateau. It’s really important to keep a journal initially to keep accountability for yourself.

It’s also there to reward yourself when you are feeling sore and when you are losing weight with certain foods.


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