Keep Conversation Professional: How To

Aditi Ramchandani asks Jasbina Ahluwalia: I have an interesting follow up to the first part of your answer in terms of being prepared.

I’ve spoken to senior executives before. Sometimes it could go the wrong way in terms of how you present it. I’m curious as to where the fine line is.


Keep Conversation Professional: Stalker

For example, I’ve been told before by a senior executive that it almost seemed stalker-ish by the way that someone knew everything about their lives.

I can see how it can go wrong if presented in the wrong way.

What is the fine line between doing it in a professional, likeable approach versus coming off the wrong way?



Jasbina Ahluwalia

It could be downright creepy.

If you’re on a dating and you’re talking to someone and they suddenly know everything about you, you take a step back.


Keep Conversation Professional: Balance

Balance” is a good word to use. I would keep it like a ping pong.

If you go there and you deliver a monologue like, “I understand you went to Brown. You have two kids. Do you want them to go to Brown?” Someone might lean back and think, “What’s up with this person?”


Keep Conversation Professional: Supporting a Cause

Instead, I think the cause that someone supports is a great thing to bring up, especially if there is some nexus with you.

Let’s say that you volunteer for an organization that the senior executive happens to support. That’s great.


Keep Conversation Professional: Dimension to Conversation

Then it’s not all about him or her supporting that. You have something to add to that. You have some dimension to add. It’s a great place to start.

Look for the commonalities that you might have and start there as opposed to a monologue of all of the research you’ve done on that person.


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