Vedic Astrologers Help Love

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Carol Allen: That is so interesting. What are the common reasons that people seek your services as a Vedic astrologer? Is it mostly relationship-oriented?



Carol Allen

Vedic Astrologers Help Love With Coaching

Completely. That’s what got me into coaching. I noticed this very quickly.

People would call and say, “I only want to talk about my real estate transaction,” or “I only want to talk about my health.”

The session would always dissolve into a boy-girl, boy-boy or girl-girl conversation.

I would say that 99.9% of the time, the thing I noticed people wanted help with the most was love.


Vedic Astrologers Help Love: Reflection

Often, they were hoping they could blame the starts for something going on in their love life when it was really something going on with them.


Vedic Astrologers Help Love: Understand Relationships

They didn’t understand relationships. They didn’t have good communication skills. They didn’t know stages of relationships.

They were expecting things either way too soon or way too late.

I quickly noticed that people needed help with basic relationship information. I got some training and became a coach. I started adding that to my readings. That’s when I really started helping people the most.

That’s when I got the most excited. That’s when the phone really wouldn’t stop ringing.


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