Jasbina Ahluwalia participates on the ‘Dare To Break The Mold’ panel (details further below).

NetIP Conference SF – Dare To Be You
Dare to Break the Mold (Ravi Kapur, Rajiv Satyal & Jasbina Ahluwalia)
Aug 31 @ 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

South Asians are dominating a variety of industries, not just the traditional technology and medical fields. Join Ravi Kapur, Jasbina Ahuwalla and Rajiv Satyal as they discuss their path to sucess when they dared to pursue their passion. Be inspired to discover your passion and find the courage to create your path in life.


About the Annual NetIP Conference. NetIP’s flagship event, the annual conferences, host hundreds of young professionals of varying backgrounds, empowering individuals to build relationships and explore new ideas. The conferences emphasize the foundational pillars on

which NetIP was founded over 20 years ago: professional development, community service, political awareness, and cultural awareness.

Dare to Be You would like to inspire our attendees to strive to find their place in society and feel comfortable breaking away from traditional career and life paths. The goal of the conference is to provide a platform for creative discussions, interactive sessions and enlightening events to challenge attendees to break barriers ,think outside the box, and be inspired to follow their passions. The conference will achieve this through inspirational and motivational speakers, thought-provoking panels and workshops, professional development (including CME and CLE) seminars, networking opportunities, and for the first time at a NetIP conference a business plan competition.

Featured Speakers

Rajiv Satyal Chris Blair Ro Khanna Masum Momaya Amit Garg
Sameen Piracha Seena Jacob Tapan Parikh Sanjay Jain Ravi Kapur
Dhru Beeharilal Purti Bali Richard Sarvate Puneet Singh Jasbina Ahluwalia
Vishal Gurbuxani Sunil Verma Sumit Rai Krishna Subramanian Dr. Savdeep Sethi
Golda Philip Sonali Singh Kavita J Patel Dr. Jason Beeharilal Neetal Parekh
Prakash Agarwal Hans Gill Anil Mammen Ankit Jain Ajay Kamat
Sameer Iyengar Ashish Mathur Arjun Gupta Sunil Malhotra
Prita Uppal Yin Yin Kanika Dewan



About our Speakers. NetIP has always strived to develop and engage a cohesive network of professionals and mentors to empower the South Asian community. South Asians are emerging leaders in business, politics and civic life. NetIP’s alumni include Aneesh Chopra (America’s first chief CTO), Ali Velshi (CNN Chief Business Correspondent), and Indra Nooyi (CEO PepsiCo). Through community outreach, NetIP members have volunteered over 100,000 hours across 200+ organizations. NetIP hosts over 500 events across 24 chapter cities each year to benefit our community reach of over 350,000.

Be an advocate and inspire your community, as NetIP invites you to join the conference as a keynote, speaker, or panelist. Inspire delegates to Think Change.

Contact Nayan Patel, Conference Chair at nayan@netip.org for more information.