Date Night Preparations

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Marla Martenson, author of entitled Hearts on the Line: The Elusive Pursuit of Love in the City of Angels: There are missed opportunities. You mentioned some to-do’s and some not to-do’s on a first date in terms of being a listener and not just talking about yourself.

Do you have any other to-do’s or not to-do’s from your years of experience?


Marla Martenson

Date Night Preparations: Grooming

The other night, I did a talk for a singles group. I was talking about grooming.

Guys show up with dirty shoes or dirty nails. They might not think about those things because they’re a guy.

Date Night Preparations: Car Maintanance

I had a guy pick up a woman once with bird doo-doo all over the car. He opened the door for her and there was a straw on the seat.

The reason I bring that up is because someone will judge you by the littlest thing, especially now when you’re meeting people through matchmakers and online.

There are all of these opportunities. People might not give you a second chance because of a small thing.

Date Night Preparations Checklist

I always say to get ready before the date.

  • Make sure that you look great.
  • Is your car clean?
  • Do you have a positive attitude?
  • Do you smell good?

Go armed with your bag of tricks.


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