C’mere Go Away Guy: Who Is He?

Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Dr. Catherine Cardinal, author of, Men to Run From: So You Can Find the Right One to Run to: I love that. In your book, you shared 20 different prototypes of guys whose behavior and traits are likely to pose substantial challenges to forming long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

What’s great is that, for each of the 20 prototypes discussed in the book, you describe the following four helpful things. I will outline them for the audience.

You describe what each prototype

  • Tends to look and sound like
  • Why we tend to be drawn to each prototype
  • The obstacles a woman will likely face with each prototype
  • Helpful hints, questions to ask yourself and things to do when you find yourself in a relationship with any of the  prototypes discussed

I’ve picked 3 of the 20 prototypes that I believe would be of most interest to our audience. I’m sure that the other 17 would be of interest as well. In the interest of time, I had to pick 3.

I’d love for you to discuss them each one by one, mentioning what each of the prototypes tends to look and sound like, why we tend to be drawn to them, obstacles a woman will likely face and helpful hints, questions to ask yourself and things to do when you find yourself in a relationship with any of the 3 prototypes.

The first prototype that we’ll discuss, Dr. Cardinal characterizes as the C’mere Go Away Guy. Dr. Cardinal, can you tell us about him?


Dr. Catherine Cardinal

Before I do that, I want to comment on something that you said a minute ago. I like to start out an interview with the following.

When people hear the title, they get ideas about what it means. In every one of these men that is depicted in the book, every one of them might have something that’s very redeeming.  That is why, at the end of each chapter, I have listed very positive things that you can do.


C’mere Go Away Guy: Hopeless Case?

Not all of these guys are incapable of being in a relationship. Sometimes a woman can bring out the best in a man and help some of these negative traits be diminished.

I have a lot of men tell me that they love the book because it has such a positive ending of each chapter. They say, “I wish my girlfriend would have done some of these things with me.”


Jasbina Ahluwalia

I love that it’s so empowering. It’s empowering for the men and the women in their lives who can help them in that way.


Dr. Catherine Cardinal

C’mere Go Away Guy Requires Work

Unfortunately, the one you picked, the C’mere Go Away Guy, is one of the ones where there is little you can do with.

For instance, there is the Substance Abuser or the Heavy Drug Addict. There are a couple that require quite a bit of work.


C’mere Go Away Guy Characteristics

The C’mere Go Away Guy is one of the ones that generally tends to have a little more pathology. That means that there is a little more out of whack than you might be willing to deal with.

The C’mere Go Away Guy

  • Knows how to flirt.
  • He knows how to do the hunt.
  • He’s smooth.
  • He’s seductive.
  • He’s usually very charming.
  • He really loves drawing women to himself.

A woman can get mesmerized by this. Even a woman with a strong sense of self-esteem and common sense can get sucked into this.

These are the guys who are all dressed up but can’t go very far. You have those first couple of dates. He likes you. He may even say that he loves you.


Real-Life C’mere Go Away Guy Story

I had a client come in yesterday with a C’mere Go Away Guy. He was telling her that he loved her after the third date. He was talking about marriage by the fifth date.

Then, when you start to give in and reciprocate feelings and it starts to become real, he’s out the door.

I think any woman who is listening can think of a story about herself or a girlfriend where you’ve heard, “We did this and that. All of sudden, he just stopped calling. He just disappeared.”


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