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Are You A Single Woman (35 - 41)?
Women (35 - 41)

Bay Area - based, fun, energetic and spiritual engineer seeks a partner (35 - 41) - Bay Area
(or willing to relocate there).

He’s most attracted to a woman’s confidence and playful energy; and highly values a growth mindset; emotional maturity, meaningful conversation and sense of humor.

Service-oriented, he thrives when doing things to make his partner happy.

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…Sometimes different aunties will call me and ask me how did you meet your husband, because I think basically all of my parents friends, and all my family, pretty much have decided that I'm never going to get married, or find the right guy, or whatever. They're all shocked by it.

Yeah, because I'm going to be 40 this year. It seems like everybody had basically given up, so when they heard that I met a guy, and next they heard I got engaged, and then I was getting married they were all shocked, so all these aunties were calling me, and said "Hey, what website did you use? My son needs help."

I refer them all to Jasbina, and I tell them that was the catalyst for me for my personal life.

~ Physician, Florida

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By putting a foot forward, a bridge of faith opens up.

As an entrepreneur, I believe you have to take initiative to move forward; and you’ve got to hire the right people so they can do what is right, and get results.

I believe in hiring the right person to guide you and make life easier for you.

I’m not in college or grad school anymore, and knew my family didn’t have the context to help sort out my love life, so just like I invested in a designer for my dream house, I invested in a matchmaker.

If I wouldn’t have taken that step, I would not be with this elegant, refined, creative, grounded and well-spoken woman with a softness about her.

~ Entrepreneur, California

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