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Are You A Single Woman (22 - 28)?
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Women (22 - 28)

San Francisco - based, Ivy-educated successful entrepreneur seeks an Intelligent, kind and family-oriented partner (22 - 28) - US.

He seeks a partner who resonates with the belief that a romantic partnership is one of the most important and fulfilling accomplishments in life.

His vision is of an equal partnership - navigating life together. - sharing the ups and downs.

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Are You A Single Man (34 - 42)?
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US & Canada
Men (34 - 42)

NJ - based, caring and supportive client seeks a kind-hearted partner (34 - 42) - U.S. & Canada.

Always smiling, she appreciates a man who’s humble and can make her laugh.

She is seeking a like-minded partner who believes in mutually being there for each other; and serving as each other’s best friends.

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