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Are You A Single Man (32 - 42)?
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Northern California
Men (32 - 42)

Bay Area-based, family-oriented pharmacist seeks a caring and open-minded partner
(32 - 42) - Northern CA .

Optimistic, thoughtful and outgoing, she enjoys traveling, different restaurants, Indian classical music, hiking, game nights and movies.

She enjoys spontaneity, fitness, cooking, travel, restaurants, concerts, wineries, family, hiking, music festivals, sporting events and breweries.

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Are You A Single Woman (22 - 31)?
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Women (22 - 31)

San Francisco - based, Ivy-educated successful entrepreneur seeks an Intelligent, kind and family-oriented partner (22 - 31) - US .

He seeks a partner who resonates with the belief that a romantic partnership is one of the most important and fulfilling accomplishments in life.

His vision is of an equal partnership - navigating life together - sharing the ups and downs.

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I was hesitant at first to hire a matchmaker for my partner search.

Jasbina, in a short time, has convinced me this was the best investment of my life. She has been almost instantly available for any questions I have during my journey as well as coaching me on how to interact with the candidates I am speaking to.

Her matches for me have been exactly what I had conveyed to her during our introduction call and I am really excited to see what else she has in store for me!

~ Owner, Software Consulting Practice, Atlanta

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