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Are You A Single Woman (23 - 31)?
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Women (23 - 31)

Chicago - based professional, who enjoys the flexibility to work remotely seeks a partner
(23 - 31) - US .

Kind-hearted computer science professional, who enjoys the finer things in life, seeks a partner ready for marriage and kids.

Relationship-oriented, open-minded, and health conscious - he seeks the same in a partner.

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Are You A Single Man (33-41)?
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Men (33-41)

San Francisco - based, family-oriented and ambitious professional seeks a like-minded partner (33 - 41) - California .

A global and growth-oriented person, she’s seeking a partner who shares her vision of partnership as teamwork.

An explorer, her interests include traveling, learning new things, socializing; tennis, cardio, yoga, and meditation.

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"...I am thrilled to know that you deal with people from a wide age range …

"It is clear that you are speaking from your heart, with compassion and with the intent of motivating reflection and change. Thank you so much for this gift. I also want to appreciate you for your golden words…: 'we are told don’t date, don’t date, don’t date… Okay, now get married. Sound familiar?' These words were what encouraged me to look further into your site. I could tell that you got it…

"I completely understand the need for a thorough initial assessment, and I am very glad that you are offering it…

"Once again, thank you for the services you are offering from a visionary perspective to our South Asian diaspora."

~ Mother, Denver

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