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TiE-DC Monthly E-zine: May 2008
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Interview with Jasbina Ahluwalia of Intersections Matchmaking
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Dialogue with an Emerging Entrepreneur: Manoj Ramnani of DubMeNow
Interview with Jasbina Ahluwalia, President of Intersections Matchmaking, Member of TiE-
Silicon Valley
Are you a serial entrepreneur, or is this your first
This is my first entrepreneurial venture – however, the
idea of pursuing a venture aligned with my own principles
and values has been compelling to me for quite a while.
How did you come up with the concept of
Intersections Matchmaking?
As a practicing attorney with meaningful relationships with
family and friends, I led a full life missing only a significant
other with whom to share my life. I had personally
experienced the challenges of juggling professional
demands, maintaining relationships with family and
friends, and finding men who met my high standards.
Having found my life partner after trial and error, I set out
to design the kind of service I would have liked for myself.
How does Intersections Matchmaking differ from the
large internet matching sites?
The service provided by Intersections differs from online dating:
*It involves a highly-personalized, consultative and feedback-centric process
*Before a client meets any matches, I personally get to know the client's needs, wants,
personality and background via a personal consultation
*Intersections is specifically designed to take over the time-consuming task of screening so that
its clients are able to strategically spend their limited time and energies focusing on matches with
real potential.