Finding a Relationship When You
Frequently Travel
By Carol Margolis at
Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:00pm EST
Valentine’s Day is approaching – a day that women who are not in a
relationship, and want to be, really do not look forward to. Add in
frequent travel to the equation and many of these women send me
pleas of, “How do I find someone when I’m traveling all the time?”
So I asked professional relationship coaches, online dating gurus and other women travelers for
their advice.
Joyce Morley, Ed.D. of starts off with a great point of it being “imperative that
traveling professional business women first have a sense of what they are looking for in a partner,
before they start the search for someone to engage in a relationship. If she is not clear within herself
as to what she is looking for, traveling can bring about feelings of intense loneliness and a sense of
desperation. Desperation will put her in a position of believing that she has to look for and have
somebody, causing her to settle for anybody, without stability and commitment.”
I couldn’t agree with Dr. Morley more. Men can sense the desperation in a woman a mile away. And
it doesn’t bode well for a relationship when a woman just wants to find ‘somebody’ without really
knowing the characteristics that would match what she’s looking for.
Jasbina Ahluwalia Founder & President Intersections Match is a lawyer-turned entrepreneur, dating
coach and matchmaker. Her recommendations for meeting someone while traveling include:
Instead of viewing those inevitable travel lines (checking in, customer service,
security, dining establishments, hotels, cab lines, etc.) as wasted time, turn lemons
warmly initiate
conversations while in line.
Do the same with your plane/train fellow passengers–you never know!
gentleman or lady in 5C may be (or know) a great person to introduce you
to…and travelers guards tend to be lowered while outside of their day-to-day
Sue Richter of is an author and travel writer. Sue says that “one of the
best places to meet people is in a coffee shop. I can’t tell you how many men have come up to me
and started talking to me, even with a ring on my finger. If you’re single and looking for
companionship, find out from the locals where the hot spot coffee shop is and go work from there.
Bring your laptop, set up shop and look around. You’ll be amazed!”
I know someone who created a business partnership with the guy standing behind her at Starbucks,
so Sue probably has something here!