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Smart girl’s guide to motherhood
Jan 14, 2010 - 02:16 PM
Turmoil arises for girls when they have to choose between pursuing their careers and
being a mom. But you really can pursue both if you wish to. Resmi Jaimon guides you on
how you can multitask and create a perfect balance between motherhood and career.
Manage time smartly
As you do in other phases of life, quality time management is essential when you try to find balance between motherhood and
career. Geetha, Serial Entrepreneur working from home and currently handling media recruitments for her firm says, “One needs to
understand the baby’s cycle to keep the work balance intact.”
Prioritise and schedule
Establish your own priorities and values and plan ahead. “Protect the time-frames during which your child sleeps and/or is with
other caretakers. This is the prime time to fulfill your career responsibilities so be careful with allowing other tasks/commitments to
erode the time,” says Jasbina, mother of one-year old twins, a former lawyer and founder of Intersections Matchmaking.
Seek assistance
You needn’t feely shy to seek help from your partner, siblings, parents or in-laws. When everyone is busy with their own schedule,
you may even consider hiring an outsider for help. But before you appoint a maid, check out her credentials. Make sure she takes
good care of your baby when you are at work.
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Opt for flexible career options
If you are a working mom, you can choose an organization that supports work-life balance and encourages you to give priority to
motherhood too. Today, several Indian organizations provide laptops and mobile phones to employees working on production
support. This method enables the employees to follow flexible work hours and even work from home, if so required.
Manju, a young mom, working for an MNC in Bangalore says, “Whenever my maid goes home for two weeks, I work from home,
managing both work and home, delivering all my deliverables promptly.” Also she says, “During the entire month of my delivery, my
husband’s company let him work out of our native place and so he really didn’t experience any inconvenience of travelling up and
However, keep in mind that though you don’t have fixed work timings, you do have fixed deadlines. So ensure to make time for
your work on a daily basis accordingly.
Work-from-home jobs
If flexible works hours are not good enough for you, you have another option- to go for a work-from-home career. Global
networking has thrown up a number of opportunities to work from the comfort of your home. Medical or legal transcription, software